Wasatch Transportation Facility

Client: Wasatch School District
Location: Heber City, UT
Admin Building: 3,568 sq. ft.
Bus Garage Size: 22,500 sq. ft.
Bus Capacity: 30
Completion: April 2016


Wasatch County School District’s new facility has two areas, an administrative office which houses both transportation and facility management, and a space to park and secure the school district’s bus fleet.  The new fleet space holds 30 buses, between the existing structure and the new structure all school district buses now have a home in a safe and secure facility.  Both areas are constructed of durable materials, including masonry and steel, allowing for a long life of service to the district.  These two structures also incorporate high energy efficient design into their construction allowing the owner to significantly reduce energy consumption and operation and maintenance costs.  Funds saved through these efforts can then be redirected to educational needs such as additional teachers, instructional materials, or new computers.

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