Tony Gillies
Uinta County School District #6, Business Manager

“I have worked with Sandstrom Architecture for many years. They have been the Architect for our District on several projects. They continue to provide quality work, and I would recommend them for any project you have whether large or small.”

Leslie Keisel
North Sanpete School District, Former Superintendent

“It did not take long for us to become acquainted with the individuals from Sandstrom Architecture assigned to our project and feel like we were a part of their team in designing buildings that are right for our needs. They are quick to respond to our calls and requests for meetings. I have found the experience Sandstrom Architecture has with school design has been valuable. The architects have provided a variety of ideas in design and then, through listening to our ideas, have produced a design for each of our projects that are unique to our needs. I am very satisfied with the work provided to North Sanpete School District.”

Rob Smith
Rob Smith
Alpine School District, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

“Alpine has worked with Sandstrom Architecture for many years, with projects in each of the twelve years that I have been the Business Administrator. Sandstrom Architecture continues to be one of the preferred architectural firms in Alpine District due to their quality of work, responsiveness to client requests, and low cost per square foot construction and operating costs.”


Ray Morgan
Provo City School District, Assistant Superintendent

“I have been very pleased to work with Sandstrom Architecture through the development and construction of new elementary schools in the Provo City School District. Throughout our involvement, their team has been attentive to our needs and responsive to our questions and suggestions. They have proved their ability to design and complete construction documents in a minimum amount of time. I appreciated, particularly, their interest in assuring that the building was designed according to our specifications and desires.”

Terry Shoemaker
Wasatch County School District, Superintendant

“I am very impressed with Sandstrom Architecture on the design of our North School Renovation project. This historical building was built in 1904 and is a city landmark. Sensitive issues of material selection, as well as community response, were handled very well by the Architect. There were many hurdles for them to jump over. Additionally, through the RFP process, they were awarded an elementary school and our high school. I highly recommend Sandstrom for your project.”